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It's all sorted

Programming Project

I embarked on a mission to decide which sorting algorithm is the fastest (of the ones I have learnt). I decided that i should create as many lists as possible and then sort them all, recording the time it took.

To see the effect of the sorting algorithms as the number of items in the list increased i decided to have 10 different sizes of lists, these were 100 - 1000 at intervals of 100.

Obviously this would take a long time to run so I researched into the use of threading within python to see if there was a way to speed up the process. I discovered that I needed to create a queue to add all the lists then create several workers that work through every item in the queue. This allowed me to have 4 different threads sorting lists at one time (I didn't want to overload my computer :/)

I then calculated the time taken for each one to run, then calculated the average time for each list size as well as standard deviation.

The program for this process can be found on my GitHub. The results are shown below: